How to Properly Take Supplements Tips for Taking Dietary Supplements!

The Best Time to Take Supplements

For each supplement, there is a best time in the day to take them. 

When taking Vitamin B supplements, it is best to take them in the morning because they activate the energy metabolism. Magnesium, Tryptophan and Theanine that relax the muscles are best taken during the night.

As Vitamin D supplements can cause heartburns, it is better to take them after meals than in an empty stomach or before going to bed. 

 Among the different types of Vitamin C, acid-neutral Vitamin C  cause less heartburns. Eating a salad instead of Vitamin C supplements is also a good idea.


Vitamins to Take When Dieting

When on a diet, there may not be an enough intake of essential vitamins and minerals. Therefore, when you are on a diet, it is highly recommended you take multi-vitamin and mineral supplements. Micronutrients, which are needed for energy metabolism, can especially help with weight loss. When choosing a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement, make sure it contains  Vitamin B and other essential minerals, including Chromium. 

L-Carnitine that helps with fat metabolism, Dietary Fiber that increases satiety and probiotics for a healthy gut can also help with losing weight. 


Difficulty Swallowing Pills?

If you have no problem eating regular meals, but having a hard time swallowing pills, it may be due to a psychological factor. Because the pills are hard, fear may overcome the body. If you are having a difficult time swallowing multi-vitamin tablets, it could be due to the large size multi-vitamin pills tend to have.  

When the tablet is stuck in the throat, it may cause an esophagitis. Drink plenty of water when taking the pills. When you feel something stuck in the throat or in the chest, drink even more water or eat something to help let it pass.